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Post  skabelpunk Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:36 am

Since no one is introducing I'll just start.

hahaha, I'm allready spamming on my own board. I'm terrible Very Happy

anyway, the reason I started this is that I love how messageboards bring people together. I've been a member of the Toy Dolls messageboard for quite some time. I don't know if you know the toy dolls. They are a great band from Britain. For the ones who don't. this is their most famous song Nelly the Elephant
But i'm drifting away from the subject. There always was a great vibe on the board and almost everyone got along. We send presents to eachother each christmas and meet eachother during gigs. Unfortunately the Leadsinger and bandleader Olga shut the messageboard for a reason no one knows. We made another but people forgot about it and it's kind of dead now.

Hopefully this board will do better!

again back to me.
I'm skabelpunk.
Live in Holland
Think Che Sudaka makes awesome music. You know, I don't even know what the texts are all about(I'll figure it out soon) I really am a textlover. I always wanna know lyrics to songs. but in this case it's an exception and I'm allready in love with this music and their great down to earth bandmembers that I didn't even care about those lyrics yet(though i have a feeling they are quite important).
Okay so two gigs and still no cd. the first time i was so broke that I couldn't. and the second time my bus went so freakin' early that I didn't even get a chance to get one. Luckily I work at a cdshop so I ordered them. But knowing my own company it will take ages to get them there. And I don't have ages beceasue we're closing down in january. But I'll get those cd's one way or another.

I got a lot of hobbies but I feel a bit uncomfortable still to make a huge introduction topic about myself at this point.

Anyway, I wanna wish you all a great welcome! I'm happy you are here on this board and let's make the best of it! afro

oh well another edit. I was trying to find a picture of me but all i got is pictures of me with horses. hahaha
this is a bit early but who cares:

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me! tha allmighty admin Empty introduction??

Post  anya Thu Nov 29, 2007 11:55 pm

Hai, we'll I'm the second one then?!
Also living in Holland and saw the band for the first time in Arnhem, Goudvishal.
Great concert and totally "verkocht'!!!
Bought the 2 cd's.
After that a concert in Maastricht, Wageningen (5 mei) and the last one also in Wageningen (17 nov)
Bought the last cd/dvd.
If you want, Skabelpunk, you can come and listen to my cd's.
I've got them allllll. hahahaha
A good reason to learn Spanish.
Another good reason I mean.
Want to learn it for so long, so shall we learn it together?

Hobby's, a lott.
Started fenching a few weeks ago, it's great, but difficult.
Danced flamenco for 8 years.
Saw last saturday Paco Pena, the famous flamenco gitarist.
It was a great show!

We'll enough for now.
But, I'm glad you started this fanboard.
Already met Nele again.
We met in Maastricht, and lost eachother after that day, so this is already working.

Till next time

The avatar is on, thanks for helping

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me! tha allmighty admin Empty Re: me! tha allmighty admin

Post  skabelpunk Fri Nov 30, 2007 12:04 am

Hey Anya!
you can start a new topic with this message. just click new topic and post your message so you get your name above it and not mine Smile

Pfff, it will be hard to learn spanish, I'm really bad at languages(except english for some weird reason). I'd love to listen to your cd's! hahaha, but I live on the other side of the country Crying or Very sad
I hope they will come in soon. But I know Musicstore and they always deliver things late.

it's great to have another dutchie on the board allready. we rule Razz

Female Number of posts : 82
Location : Holland
Registration date : 2007-11-26

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me! tha allmighty admin Empty Re: me! tha allmighty admin

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