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list of concerts in 2010

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list of concerts in 2010 Empty list of concerts in 2010

Post  skabelpunk Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:35 pm

Thursday 18.02.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Uppsala
Country: Sweden
Place: Katalin

Friday 19.02.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Place: Soedrateatern

Saturday 20.02.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Lund
Country: Sweden
Place: Mejeriet

Monday 22.02.2010 - PROYECCION DEL DOCUMENTAL "LT22-Radio La Colifata""
City: Leipzig
Country: Germany
Place: Raum der Kulturen (Engertstr. 23 / esquina Karl Heine Str Plagwitz)
Hour: 20hs

Tuesday 23.02.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Leipzig
Country: Germany
Place: Absturz

Wednesday 24.02.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Bremen
Country: Germany
Place: Lagerhaus

Thursday 25.02.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Place: SO36

Friday 26.02.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: JENA
Country: Germany
Place: Kassablanca

Saturday 27.02.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Heidelberg
Country: Germany

Sunday 28.02.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: NŘrnberg
Country: Germany
Place: Hirsch

Wednesday 03.03.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Budapest
Country: Hungary
Place: A 38

Thursday 04.03.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Wien
Country: Austria
Place: Arena

Friday 05.03.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Linz
Country: Austria
Place: Posthof

Saturday 06.03.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Salzburg
Country: Austria
Place: Arge

Sunday 07.03.2010 - WINTER TOUR "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: MŘnchen
Country: Germany
Place: Ampere

Friday 12.03.2010 - GIRA "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
Country: Spain
Place: El Hangar
Price: GRATIS!!!
More info: UBU LIVE

Saturday 13.03.2010 - GIRA "TUDO E POSSIBLE"
City: Lantabat (64)
Country: France
Place: Fetes de Lantabat

Saturday 10.04.2010 - GIRA "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
Country: Spain

Friday 16.04.2010 - GIRA "TUDO E POSSIBLE"
City: Saint-Palais (64) ľ Gaztexte Aldaka
Country: France
Place: Gaztexte Aldaka

Saturday 17.04.2010 - GIRA TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE
City: Pau
Country: France
With: Les Wampas

Friday 23.04.2010 - GIRA TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE - Festival Andel┤Ir
City: Andel (22)
Country: France

Saturday 24.04.2010 - GIRA TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE - Festival Bal Populaire
City: Chemille (49)
Country: France

Saturday 01.05.2010 - VIĐA ROCK
Country: Spain

Thursday 03.06.2010 - GIRA "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Bordeaux (33)
Country: France
Place: Espace Tatry

Friday 04.06.2010 - GIRA "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Paris (75)
Country: France
Place: Le Hangar

Saturday 05.06.2010 - GIRA "TUDO ╔ POSSIBLE"
City: Saint-Georges de Montaigu (85)
Country: France
Place: Festival Binouse Story

Tuesday 13.07.2010 - GIRA "TUDO E POSSIBLE"
City: Sant-Malo du Bois (85)
Country: France
Place: Festival de Poupet

Friday 13.08.2010 - GIRA "TUDO E POSSIBLE"
City: Els Prats de Rei ľ Festa Major Jove
Country: Spain
Place: Festa Major Jove

Saturday 14.08.2010 - GIRA "TUDO E POSSIBLE"
City: GarcÝa (Tarragona)
Country: Spain
Place: Festa Major Jove

Friday 24.09.2010 - "GIRA TUDO E POSSIBLE"
City: Tobarra (Albacete)
Country: Spain
Place: Festival Aupa Lumbreiras

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