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fast learner...

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fast learner... Empty fast learner...

Post  anya Fri Nov 30, 2007 1:06 am

Hai, we'll I'm the second one then?!
Also living in Holland and saw the band for the first time in Arnhem, Goudvishal.
Great concert and totally "verkocht'!!!
Bought the 2 cd's.
After that a concert in Maastricht, Wageningen (5 mei) and the last one also in Wageningen (17 nov)
Bought the last cd/dvd.
If you want, Skabelpunk, you can come and listen to my cd's.
I've got them allllll. hahahaha
A good reason to learn Spanish.
Another good reason I mean.
Want to learn it for so long, so shall we learn it together?

Hobby's, a lott.
Started fenching a few weeks ago, it's great, but difficult.
Danced flamenco for 8 years.
Saw last saturday Paco Pena, the famous flamenco gitarist.
It was a great show!

We'll enough for now.
But, I'm glad you started this fanboard.
Already met Nele again.
We met in Maastricht, and lost eachother after that day, so this is already working.

Till next time

The avatar is on, thanks for helping

Just a short one.
Shame you live at the other side of the country, but it's not a big one.
And I'm also not good in learning other languages.
THE reason I didn't started yet.
But, I'll start verry soon.
Say this already for XX years!!

We Dutch girls rules

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fast learner... Empty Re: fast learner...

Post  skabelpunk Fri Nov 30, 2007 1:16 am

we just need someone to translate the che sudaka songtexts and then that will help a lot.
ofcourse i will need the songs first hahaha.

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